Blog Entry - Haiti Part 4 - Final

July 28, 2018

Haiti Part 4 - Final

Leaving Haiti, my first trip was complete, but it wouldn’t be my last. We all started strategizing of when we could come back, what we wanted to accomplish before then to help further the existing programs or create new programs. Some of the ideas are ambitious, and physically large, but throughout this trip Sage referenced wisdom he received from Nick Saban – we all were on the same bus. However, we all have different roles on the bus. But one thing remained constant, we were all lucky to be on the bus. Let us all look at our lives and be grateful for what we have and be cognizant of the role we are to play. Reflect on what your role is and know this – God created you with specific gifts. How amazing is it to think that God, with everything that is on this world, He has a purpose for you to live out your gifts. Each one of us have that in us. It is when we can see through the business, the hurt, the noise – to find what that role and tools are.

I’m someone who sets my mind to something and do it. It’s simply my nature, and there are many examples of it throughout my life. But it was once my heart was exposed to this calling to both work at the company that manufactured the Safe T Homes, but also to share the story of Safe T Homes did I experience the overwhelming sense of predetermined course set out for me. I also finally feel a needed sense of peace and purpose to use my gifts for an even bigger impact. But, I’ll save that story for another day….

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