About Us

About Sukup Manufacturing

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world’s largest family-owned and operated grain storage, drying and handling equipment manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Sheffield, Iowa, and covers 1,000,000 sq. ft. of office, manufacturing and warehouse space. The company employs more than 600 people, making it one of the largest employers in North Central Iowa. Three generations of the family are now active in the business.

Sukup’s product line includes on-farm and commercial grain bins, portable and tower dryers, centrifugal and axial fans and heaters, stirring machines, bin unloading equipment and bin floors and supports. Sukup also manufactures a line of material handling equipment that includes bucket elevators, drag conveyors and chain loop conveyors, as well as a line of steel buildings.

Sukup has six distribution centers located throughout the Midwest. Sukup products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in over 80 foreign countries.


About GoServ Global

GoServ Global is a non-denominational faith-based organization committed to providing essential humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in communities around the world. GoServ Global was co-founded in 2011 by an Iowa farmer and a missionary in the wake of a devastating earthquake in Haiti. GoServ brings expertise in disaster response both domestically and abroad. Establishing sustainable communities has been a focus as part of the ministry as well as orchestrating short term mission trips.

Visit https://goservglobal.org/about-us/ to learn more.


Our Partnership

Sukup Manufacturing Co. and GoServ Global are partners in bringing the Sukup Safe T Home® to countries around the world that are vulnerable to natural disasters. The founders of GoServ Global are Iowa farmers who use Sukup products, and both entities discovered a mutual desire to use their time and talents to provide these shelters to women, children, and families who need a safe place to live.

Sukup and GoServ work together to share the Safe T Home® story and seek out projects and partnerships in which the homes can provide a housing solution. Sukup is responsible for manufacturing the homes and preparing them to ship around the world. GoServ primarily manages the in-country logistics and plans to construct homes, and also constructs a display Safe T Home® at a wide variety of events and fairs around Iowa and the United States.

Sukup Safe T Home® | The solution for housing in developing countries