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Schedule a presentation: Email to inquire about having a representative from Sukup Manufacturing or GoServ Global visit your organization or meeting to share the Safe T Home® story.

Provide a Safe T Home® To a Family In Need: Looking for an alternate holiday gift or company-wide support project? Consider providing a Safe T Home®! We can even engrave the home with your company or organization’s name or logo and let you know where it is providing a safe shelter for those in need.

See a Safe T Home® for Yourself!: Check out the Events where we will have an actual Safe T Home® constructed and you can go inside, see the design, and feel how the home is naturally cooled.

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Emily Schmitt

Emily Schmitt

General Counsel

Emily Schmitt is in the third generation of family active in Sukup Manufacturing Co., the largest family-owned, full-line grain drying and storage equipment manufacturer in the country.

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