Blog Entry - Haiti Part 1

July 25, 2018

Haiti Part 1

We arrive at the airport early for the full day of travel. Ken, a co-founder of GoServ Global and our pilot for the trip, congratulates us for packing light, which is a skill I like to surprise others on! I use some time on the flight (seven hours) to write thank you notes to the many people who attended grandpa’s funeral or sent flowers or a token, just two weeks prior to this trip. As I write those thank you’s, I slow down and mentally prepare for this journey. Reflecting on Grandpa’s legacy is the ideal way to begin this trip, knowing the Safe T Home would not be possible, but for that original tinkering farmer. I have been sharing the story of Safe T Homes for 2 years, and today I will finally be able to see them in person. Once we were close to Les Cayes, Haiti, Ken flies us over a location where there are 70 Safe T Homes. I will never forget looking out the window to see a landscape of Safe T Homes for the first time. I was amazed at the sight.

The first item on the schedule after dinner is church at Centre de Vie. I had heard Pastor Rivensen the month prior at the GoServ Global Banquet, so I look forward to hearing him again. He was accompanied up on the stage by his son on the drums and daughters singing. I am not able to understand the words (sang in their native Creole), but could feel the passion of their message just as much. Then I would hear similar melodies and follow along with their lyrics. That night the faith felt almost tangible in the air and when the congregation joined in on the chorus I felt that those voices were the most angelic voices I have ever heard. I can only hope to remember it as it sounded and felt. We sang and listened to the sermon, and sang a lot more. Luckily they had the lyrics up so we could follow along. Two and a half hours later we ended with everyone on their feet dancing!

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