Blog Entry - Haiti Part 2

July 26, 2018

Haiti Part 2

The first location we travel to is Camp Perrin. This fall a birthing clinic will open with four birthing beds and Safe T Homes that will serve as the pre and post birthing rooms. It is also near the John 3:16 camp where Eddy, who manages the Consolation Center in Les Cayes, is from. We play Frisbee with the kids andthey show us around their village. One boy in particular picks Andy out. We joke with Andy as he is a “big personal bubble” type of guy, but there’s no bubble on this trip. One fun coincidence was, this boy was wearing a Master’s golf tournament polo and Andy loves golf.

The kids immediately want to be held and we were there with open arms. I think about my kids and how much I already miss them, and also think about the opposite – how much these kids miss their parents. I can’t help but think “what more can I do to help?” We then head to the Consolation Center, the location of the GoServ school, dental clinic, and girls orphanage. A girl named Bebe immediate takes my hand and shows me around. I had been practicing some creole sayings and they smile, then correct me. We jump rope (or I tried, anyway) and even sang some Frozen songs with the girls! By the time we had to leave, I already have a special handshake with them! Five, pound, explode, five! Then we drive to Joshua House to the boys camp. As we drive in, the boys started chasing the car and even jumped on back they were so excited. There, Schnider gives me a tour of his home and said he had met my dad when he came last year. He told me to “tell Steve Sukup thank you for the house.”

The kids then lead us to their soccer field. Sage brought a football and shows the boys how to catch and kick a football. Each so eager to play. We then notice something great. Schnider is wearing none other than a Houston Texans jersey! Sage played with the Texans for 3 seasons. God has great timing doesn’t he?! As we were exiting the boys camp a boy ran up and handed me a note. In it he said he would pray for me and my family. The best gift I could receive, and he gave it to me so freely.

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